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Any posts prior to this one are all from the New_Spira RPG. This name will now be used for Paradisa and any posts after this one will be for that RPG. That is all.
Now in Zanarkand, I still search for more Aeons to petition. I suppose I could go back to civilization and try petitioning the common Aeons, but I am determined to find the 'lost' ones. Perhaps for more power, perhaps just because they more silimar to me... lost and forgotten, different, mysterious. Either way, I hope to find the rumored Aeons of this ruined city.
It was indeed an Aeon's Shrine. However, this particular Aeon would not accept me. She said she was looking for someone else, that I was not the one. I can accept that.

However, I cannot accept my current number of allied Aeons. My summoning abilities are quite low compared to many and I would like to rectify that, and soon. I would like to hurry onward and try to find another Aeon to petition.
Perhaps... is this... the shrine...?
It's been a long time since I've added an entry into this journal. And... I have my reasons, for good or bad. The time spent traveling from the bottom of the mountain to here, up at the top, have been rather... interesting. I'll leave the story for another time however.

Now I travel further up the mountain, searching for a shrine I only hope exists. My guardian continues with me, of course, but I am also very happy to note that the sphere hunter, my good friend Quistis, has also continued with us. With Vincent and Quistis at my side, I know I can continue.
I pity Bevelle... and I pity myself for my feelings, too. I'm sad... not as much because the city is nearly gone, because I had prepared myself mentally for that when the announcement was made much earlier, but rather because I couldn't be there to help. I know it's not like I could have made it there in time likely, but still... As a summoner I feel it my duty to help with those sorts of things and I can't help but feel as though I should have been there. And I am saddened of my feelings upon that, because it seems slightly selfish to think... to think that I could have made a difference or to think that I have pity because I wasn't there? It's probably one and the same... It's horrible either way.

*Sighs* On another tangent, at least I know I am ready to fight this great beast which wants to further hurt our beautiful world. Perhaps not just yet... I still need more Aeons first. But the fact that I've become a summoner and will one day face this creature with the Aeons I collect... that is enough for me for now. I will fight. That is my resolve.